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bookbyte reviews

bookbyte reviews

Admist some controversial reviews regarding BookByte that has surfaced and have been floating around the cybersphere, I would like to add my personal input regarding this service. It’s been almost two years since I started to sell my used books through BookByte. Let me start things off by saying that I personally find the whole process to be fair. Not only have I been receiving my payments promptly, none of these payments have ever been delayed for whatsoever reason to date. I’ll emphasis this before anyone starts making a judgement. I am in absolutely no way affiliated, paid by, or working for BookByte. I am just an honest and satisfied user of the site and it would be sad for me if their reputation drops just because of floating rumours on the net.

Anyway, as mentioned, I have so far been very satisfied with BookByte’s service. There were though, a couple of times here and there where I received more than I expected on my payout V.S. “estimated value. But for the times that happened, I do receive payments which have been below my expectations. However, these values have never been far from a few dollars. Definitely nothing to flip a table over for. You might not agree, but I personally feel that is fair enough. You give some, you take some. That’s how the world works. The same goes with BookByte.

I have never personally received anything lower than $150.00 and have even received payment going up to $450.00 for my books to BookByte. I have never actually experienced a problem with shipping my materials to them as none of my books has ever gotten “lost”, as some have claimed happen with theirs. To me, if BookByte tells you that your shipment was not received or there had been problems with it, then you must have done something wrong. Now, I’m not saying in any way that BookByte can never be wrong, but the process is really idiotproof and simple that any mistakes that could happen could have been caused by human err.

A sale is usually accompanied by an “estimated” value provided to the seller for each book he or she wishes to sell to BookByte. There will also be a colored display of the book. These are based on the book’s ISBN code which has to be keyed in prior to selling the book to BookByte. Eventually, it is up to the seller whether or not he or she wishes to proceed with the sale of the books to BookByte or would prefer to have their books returned. All these are stated clearly on BookByte’s website. Neither BookByte nor anyone else actually forces the seller to commit to the sale. If you think your books are worth more, get them returned back to you and that’s it. It really doesn’t make sense to hear of some people complaining about their sales when they can simply get their products back with no hassle.

I have had a very positive experience with BookByte thus far and I hope they stay around for a long time. They are not rated A+ on the Better Business Bureau for no reason. I wouldn’t think a company or website who provides free shipping for their customers would really not take their customers’ complaints to note and rectify any problem that they could. All in all, BookByte has been an awesome avenue for me to not burn a hole in my pocket, and to the whiners and complainers for BookByte, all I can say is, do grow up and learn to read.

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